Top 20 Ugliest Animals Around the World

Animals have always been man’s companions. They haven’t only showered affection on us but also graced the beauty to the world. Not surprising that everyone gets amused by the helpfulness and looks of the animal world. But you will not be amused by some members of this kingdom. Their strange display will no doubt scare you at first glance. Now and then, the wild might seem frightening. Sometimes, creatures are equipped with some skills to help them live in the wild or the treacherous seas and this does not make them appear as gorgeous as you might imagine. There are few animals you won’t even take the chance to look for the second time. We listed for you here the top 20 ugliest animals in the world. And they will never be favorite animals for you.


Top 20 Ugliest Animals Around the World
Top 20 Ugliest Animals Around the World

Maybe you didn’t hear about their existence but they do exist. without any bones in their body makes it look uglier. That is why they were once called World’s Ugliest Animal. Blobfish have features as strange as their external structure. They survive under 2000-4000 feet with really high pressure. While abnormal pressure can kill most aquatic creatures, it does not affect it. Blobfish utilizes its gelatinous mass to flow in the water. So, the lack of swim bladder acts as an advantage. They conserve their power and are usually found lethargic. But you will be fascinated to know that blobfish has been an inspiration for various pop music and art. Many websites ran an online poll and this creature turned up as No.1. No surprises here. If you have a blobfish in your aquarium, you will not have many visitors. Mostly seen on the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, this hideous animal is rarely encountered by people, which is fine! They are heavy but they still float on water thanks to the gelatinous material it is made of, which is less dense than water.

The species can reach 12 inches in length and weighs nearly 20 pounds. Talking about the look, it has loose pink skin and they are covered with spines in place of scales. The body has a jelly-like texture and it is the primary reason why it is called the ugliest animal on planet Earth, however. like other fishes, it does not have a swim bladder and the reason that it can collapse in the atmosphere of high pressure and can result in bursting of the body. It is not at all harmful for the people and it does not have teeth. It loves to live his entire lifespan on the seafloor and does have any commercial use because it is not tasty.

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