Top 20 Different Kinds of Parrots

There are multiple Kinds of Parrots famous for there fantastic, smartest, friendly, and lovely existence on planet earth. We can also name it the most social pet dog birds in the world due to their beautiful plumage and capability of learning. There are approximately 393 species of Parrots and usually noticed in tropical and subtropical regions.

Birds are the fourth favorite pets in the United States followed by dogs, cats, and fish. Among birds, a lot of them are parrots. Parrots are usually famous for their ability to mimic human speech and other types of sounds. we have already said that there are roughly 393 species exist on planet Earth, however, only a handful of them can be kept as pets. We tried to list for you here 20 kinds of parrots that exist around the world.


Top 20 Different Kinds of Parrots
Top 20 Different Kinds of Parrots

It is also famously served in Pohnpeia and native to the island of Pohnpei and the close-by And Atoll in Micronesia. The parrot species reach 24 cm long and reach 80gmsin in weight. Talking about the looks, the plumage is principally reddish-maroon and head slightly darker maroon. Both males and females have a different look and they can be separated based on the color of the beak.

The male has an orange beak, however, the female has a yellow beak and light grey irises. Its natural environment is tropical moist lowland forests and plantations and diet composed of nectar and pollen from coconuts and also fruit and insect larvae. It is the state bird of Pohnpei, following the Designation of State Bird Act and it will directly or indirectly bird from being hunted or killed and those individuals who will not respect this will be punished or imprisoned.

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