Top 20 Biggest Living Birds In The World

Feathers and wings have been its characteristic features. Birds vary vastly in size. From the smallest being the bee hummingbird ( Mellisugahelenae) (2.75 inches) to ostrich which can reach 9.3 feet. The biggest bird in the fossil is Peyronies or the elephant bird. They would have grown 3 meters or beyond and weighed up to 540 kg. these were situated in the Madagascar area. These became extinct about 300 years ago.

The biggest flightless carnivorous bird is a member of the family phorousrachidae; Brontornis. It was nearly 9.2 ft tall and weighed up to 300-400 kg. the tallest bird is a member of moa family, Dinorinsmaximus which can reach 12.5 ft but weighed half or less than that or elephant bird. The biggest and heaviest bird capable of aviation was Argentavismagnificens its wingspan was magnificent and was carnivores. Among the living species, the biggest is the ostrich (genus – suthorio). These grow up to a height of 9.3 feet and weigh 155 to 160 kg. we listed for you down the top 20 biggest birds in the world.


Top 20 Biggest Living Birds In The World
Top 20 Biggest Living Birds In The World

The world’s number one largest living bird cannot fly but it can run very fast and reach an average speed of 43 miles per hour. Ostrich can simply cover 30-35 miles in an hour. It weighs 220-300 lbs and stands 8-9 feet tall. Its average lifespan is 30 to 40 years. Omnivores Diet is the intake of an ostrich. Ostrich has powerful legs which they sometimes use as their weapon. One powerful kick of an Ostrich’s leg has the power to kill a man or potential predator like Lion. They have a two-toed foot with sharp claws. Ostrich feathers are loose, smooth, and soft. Ostrich survives in the team which helps them in defense in times of danger. It is one of the weirdest creatures noticed only in Africa.

Ostrich or Struthio camelus is the only living being of the genus Struthio and the biggest living flightless birds. These are the native of Africa. An adult ostrich weighs up to 156 kg and can be as tall as 6.3 ft. These share a similarity with the extinct bird Moa and with the other members of family Struthioniformes like kiwi, emu, and cassowaries. The earliest fossils traced links them with Paleocene taxa of Europe.

Their distinctive look is due to their unusually long neck and long legs. Their eyes are said to be the biggest with a diameter of 50mm; it helps them to see the predator even from far. However, their bills are quite small compared to their size- 4-5.6 inches. The skin color differs in the subspecies from dark grey-brown or even crimson red. The legs are featherless and show bare skin while the upper portion of the leg i.e. tarsus shows scales; red in male and lack in the female. Another distinctive feature in two toes on each foot( most birds have four). Outer toe lacks nail. Their wingspan is up to 2 meters. The wings are smooth and soft and serve as insulators. The wings also serve as stabilizers to give them maneuverability while running.

Their food consists of seeds, shrubs, grasses, fruits, and flowers. Since they lack teeth so they swallow pebbles that act as gastroliths. The gizzard can contain up to 45% pebbles. The ostriches become sexually active at the age of 1 year and can reproduce many times in their lifetime. The male may mate with many hens but forms the pairing bond with only one major female. These are the fastest birds on land and can run at an average speed of 62.5m\hr. Ostrich is the biggest living species and lays the biggest egg (living). These are also known for their aggressive attacks and slashing kicks. It is also listed as one of the incredibly adaptive Sahara desert creatures.

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