Top 10 perfect premium electric cars 2019

It’s a sign of the maturity of electric car technology that there is now a small but fast-growing market for premium-branded EVs.

Some characterized by luxury angle, others by performance bias; some are big, others not so big, and in that time some come from established automotive industry powers, others are from more ‘disruptive’ outfits. But no matter what are you looking for, if you’re looking for the longest-legged and least compromised electric cars in the world, you will find what you’re looking for in our chosen list.

This is where Teslas do battle with Mercedes’ EQs, BMW I cars, Audi E-trains, and even new-groove Porsches. Several cars we’ve listed aren’t quite on the market yet but are coming very soon, and where that’s the case, we won’t rank them until we’ve driven them. Whether here or not quite here, however, they are all reasons for the early-adopting EV crowd to get very excited.

Best Premium Electric Cars 2019 :

10. Jaguar I-Pace

Our first luxury electric car from a mainstream manufacturer to directly challengeTesla at the high end, the I-Pace delivers on its brief with standout handling dynamics, first-rate interior quality and a striking design that’s slightly more SUV than the saloon.

It sets the standard for EV ride and handling, delivers strong performance from its twin 197bhp motors, and feels like what a premium-branded electric car should: an unshackled clean-sheet design.

The rarity of 100kW public chargers around the UK road network dents its strong as a long-range tourer somewhat, although that will improve quickly over time as infrastructure grows. As things stand, the car will run for 200-275 miles on a full charge, consisting of your cruising speed and driving way.

Top 10 perfect premium electric cars 2019
Top 10 perfect premium electric cars 2019


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