Top 10 best convertibles and cabrios 2019

It’s usually said that British weather makes ours a weird market to be so consistently strong for the sales of convertibles and cabriolets, but maybe it’s the changeable nature of that climate that makes us so receptive to them.

No matter what is the reason, we love to get the roof down and let the outside world in with our cars anytime we can. And although it has been a tough few years for convertible sales globally, the market for them is still much rich and interesting.

Our idea of soft-top perfection in this list does not regroup only sporting handling, outright performance and fast – although one or two of these cars do find a berth in other top 10s that are more specific to those qualities. The next 10 cards are our pick of the perfect convertibles and cabriolets for open-air cruising.

10 Porsche 718 Boxster

Say what you will about Porsche’s desire to replace the ancient evocative naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine with a turbocharged flat-four throughout the majority of the Boxster line-up, but you will not be able to deny how brilliant the 718 is at fulfilling the open-top sporting two-seater brief.

Maybe it will not look quite as sweet as it used to, but as a driver’s car, it’s unequaled in this class. Communicative steering, a supremely balanced chassis, and strong, flexible performance combine to make this the obvious choice for anyone that wants to enjoy every sunny drive. The car’s mid-engine layout means it’s a surprisingly practical two-seater, too: you can find usable storage space available in both the front and rear of the car.

For super-relaxing open-top cruising, these are perfect options, but no one of them will make you quite as grateful for every balmy moment and open stretch of road as the 718 Boxster. It’s an outstanding sports car that’s also a perfect and usable convertible.

There’s now a new Spyder product, too, which, for the first time since the nameplate emerged, has been engineered by Porsche’s GT division at Weissach. It practically resembles the new Cayman GT4 underneath and back with a 414bhp flat-six engine and a manual gearbox. Rest assured, the Boxster is now back on top of the pile, and by a countable margin.

Top 10 best convertibles and cabrios 2019
Top 10 best convertibles and cabrios 2019
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